Creating Agile SEO Strategy for Website’s Success

When it comes to execution of impactful SEO, you need to keep it mind you cannot do it alone. The first thing to consider here is to go for the resources that you will need for the process. For instance, when you propose SEO project for new or a renewed website, you will need to prepare a document for it in order to bring CMO on board. In order to make sure that you explain everything related to the project to your CMO, you write down its budget, feasibility, technicality involved, and other important resources. This explanation makes the document a big pile of pages.
Although you have taken enough time to develop due to research and measurements involved, your CMO would rarely like to look at this complicated bunch of papers.
Another problem with long-term SEO approach is that as soon as you finish documenting it, the scenario of search engine changes drastically, leaving the arguments you would have made in the document almost void.
With the change in business objectives, the lands…